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At Chilliwack Pest Control we provide Pest Control Services from assessment and access blocking to pest controlling and property clearing, we offer a comprehensive commercial and domestic pest control service at a competitive price. We also supply pest control products if needed to keep pests from interrupting your daily routine.

Our pest control work starts with assessing your property. We will look for access points, which are allowing rodents into your home or business. Our team will also look for evidence of pest infestation such as droppings and damage they might have caused to your home and/or property.

We will then proof your property, permanently blocking all access points. To block the access points, we use steel wool and mesh along with bio-friendly repellent gel. This ensures that the rodents are unable to return.

Our team will strategically place traps/rodent baits to clear any rats or mice that remain in your property.

We will follow up all work within 5 days, at no extra charge, to remove the rodent bait and traps along with anything that might have been caught. The follow up appointment will also include a further assessment of your property to make sure that the rodent problem has been taken care of one and for all.

Chilliwack Pest Control provides a variety of pest control services for rodents, insects and birds. We are a locally-owned pest control service provider, offering services to residential, commercial and strata customers from Aldergrove to Hope and the surrounding areas.

If you are experiencing an infestation, please contact us on 604-859-3505, Or alternatively email us on

Chilliwack Pest Control
Chilliwack Pest Control
Chilliwack Pest Control

We look forward to working with you toward a pest free environment!

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